Klassen/Studienfahrten - Canterbury


On Friday, 8th of April, the bus to Canterbury was loaded to start off for the 8th time. For me it was the 3rd time I went to Canterbury and this time I went with an actual plan. Of course, it’s a good place to go shopping and you can find cool British shops you won’t find anywhere in Germany, ‘But this city has more to offer than just High Street.’. That is what I told myself when signing up for the trip again. With a lifetime supply of Haribo and my best friends, I had everything I needed. After a long sleepless night we found ourselves on a ferry watching a beautiful sunset, the teachers being in the same mood as we were, a mixture of fatigue and excitement.
Arrived in Canterbury we parted from the bus in groups of 3. The 7th graders had a paper in their hands with several tasks to do, like buying a certain book or sending a postcard to the school. They were also supposed to do a workshop in a museum and inform themselves about hotels and events in the area.
They went off to explore the city and so did we. After a cup of coffee we started walking through the city exploring parts of the city I didn’t even know existed. For example Canterbury Castle, an old ruin of a Norman castle.
The weather wasn’t as good as we hoped but this didn’t spoil our trip. Always finding a nice spot in one of the wonderful parks or sitting in an old tea house drinking tea and eating scones made the time go by very fast.
Exhausted, tired but happy we returned to the bus to meet the other students and teachers, and we listened to the stories about all their purchases and funny misunderstandings while trying to talk to the townspeople.
By the time the ferry got to the other side and everyone sat in the bus, it got really quiet. Even 7th graders who seem to have endless energy need to get some sleep after a trip like that!
As always the trip was an experience and as always a really good one.


Pauline Westermann, 11b

Let's go to Canterbury!

Die Mitglieder der Canterbury-AG und Schüler der Jahrgänge 7 bis 10 machten sich unter der Leitung von Frau Käfer und Frau Ziegler auf nach Canterbury: Am Freitagabend um 23 Uhr bestiegen wir aufgeregt einen Bus, der in Calais auf die Fähre nach Dover fuhr. Müde und immer noch aufgeregt sahen wir die Sonne neben den Klippen von Dover aufgehen und schon kurz fuhr unser Bus auf der linken Straßenseite nach Canterbury. Dort war es erst sieben Uhr, so dass wir das Städtchen noch ziemlich für uns hatten und in Ruhe über eine Stadtralley die Innenstadt erkunden konnten.
Bei herrlichem Sonnenschein verbrachten wir den Tag in Canterbury, wer wollte, konnte die beeindruckende Kathedrale besichtigen oder auch einfach nur die malerische Innenstadt genießen. Müde aber sehr zufrieden nach einem erlebnisreichen Tag, der uns einen ersten Eindruck von England verschafft hatte, bestiegen wir um 17 Uhr wieder unseren Bus, der uns zurück nach Stommeln brachte.